Our Resort

Welcome to Plantation Village

Please note that the minimum night stay is 7 nights. 

Plantation Village Beach Resort

Our 4 star facility is located on Seven Mile Beach where you can snorkel right in your backyard. If being close to the action and shopping is a priority, Plantation Village is the answer. Learn more about the great amenities that we offer here at Plantation Village.


Safety and Security


Though Cayman is a relatively carefree island, for your protection, please lock your doors and sliding glass at night and when not in you villa. Don’t leave valuables lying around in your villa or on the beach. We recommend using the security safe provided free of charge in each villa. For you safety, we have a security guard on the grounds from 6 pm to 6 am seven days a week.




Upon arrival, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the nearest fire alarm and quickest escape route. Smoke detectors are provided in all villas. In the event of fire:


  • Call the Fire Service by dialing 911
  • Sound the nearest fire alarm
  • Evacuate the building and assemble in the parking lot